Hot Dog! We’re just two days away!

Guac Bowl is this weekend! And there are a crapload of people on the Evite! It’s gonna be a big one.

For all you newcomers, I thought I’d quickly run down the categories you can enter in, in case you were too lazy to click on that little avocado above.

As always, the trophies will be awarded for:

  • Best Tasting Traditional Guac – that’s the goo you’re used to; no crazy ingredients.
  • Best Tasting Alternative Guac – some unusual ingredient added, or a different way of preparing it. Like chocolate guac, guac ice cream, fried guac, pez guac, whatever.
  • Best Presentation of Guac – this has arguably become the most interesting category, with dioramas, three-dimensional sculptures, etc. Usually (and this is important) it is accompanied by a clever/terrible pun title.
  • The Icarus Award — named for the tragic Greek character who attempted to reach the sun, only to have his wax wings melt and fall back down to Greece, everyone laughing at him in Greek accents. So this award goes to the guac that tries the hardest, only to fail the worst.

And just a head’s up: the game isn’t until 3, but the party starts at 1. Get there early if you want prime placement for your guac, because table space fills up fast. The more people who have a chance to see yours and eat it, the more votes you might get! (I always feel bad for people who show up with awesome guacs right before the game, and everyone misses all the amazing work they put into it.)

See you Sunday, guac stars!