Tic Guac, Tic Guac…

Wow. Can you believe Guac Bowl season is already upon us? I know, it seems like we just finished digesting all the guacamole from last year’s party. But it’s true – we’re just a month away. The stress of the holidays are over, and now it’s time to relax… and stress about your Guac Bowl entry.

For those of you new to Guac Bowl, please check out the photos first (the links are on the left of the page). That will give you an idea of what you’re in store for. Also, check out the history and rules of the event here.

As usual, I’ve neglected this website all year, but I’ll be updating it more often as we get closer. If anyone wants to write something for the blog – guac wisdom, guac smack talk, whatever – just let me know. I’d love it.

See you February 7, guac stars!