We’re famous, part 2!

The good press just keeps on coming! The Guac Bowl was featured on Evite.com’s blog! Eerily, like a modern day Carnac The Magnificent, I predicted this would happen two posts ago. What’s that? You didn’t know the Premiere Internet Invitation-Sending Website® had a blog? What rock have you been living under, chump?

(Thanks, Christine, for spreading the good word.)

In other blog-related news, we’ve also been featured on my favorite neighborhood site, Atwater Village Newbie. Newbie also gave us a brief shout out last year, starting this juggernautic trend of blogging about Guac Bowl.

Finally, in a third bit of blog-related news, the word “blog” is a portmanteau, my favorite type of word. Okay, that’s not really “news”… more like “trivia.”