We’re famous!

…sort of.

If LA.CityZine.com were as popular as, say, Google or Yahoo, we’d be famous.

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite “Zine” about “City” life in “LA” did a feature about Guac Bowl! Like the Nikki Finke of guacamole competitions, hard-nosed journalist/Guac Bowl participant/neighbor Maggie Flynn pulled no punches in her scathing exposé of our yearly party.

Just kidding — it was pretty much a puff piece. But it was really funny, and Maggie had the good taste of making it a Q&A with me. You can read the in-depth interview by clicking here.

With this kind of good press, we can only speculate, what’s next? The LA Times? The Nobel Peace Prize newsletter? Evite.com’s blog? Only time will tell, my friends.