The Gauc of Fame

Best Presentation of Guac:

2021: Kara Oropallo,
“Guacing From Home: Perception vs Reality”

2020: Adam Pava,
“Schoolhouse Guac”

2019: Brandon Oropallo,
“The Guac Thickens”

2018: Angela Pava,
“Jack and the Beanguac”

2017: Adam Pava,
“Ex Guacina”

2016: Brandon Oropallo,
“Guacbuster Video”

2015: Brandon Oropallo,
“Funnel Guac”

2014: Brandon Oropallo,
“Holy ’Mole Mary”

2013: Caitie Anderson,
“Guacton Abbey”

2012: Brandon Oropallo,

2011: Adam Pava,
“Howard the Guac”

2010: Tim McKeon,
“The Guacapellas”

2009: Adam Pava,
“Ms. Guac Man”

2008: Robert Saccenti,

2007: Kevin Seccia,

2006: Melissa Yancy,
“Guactanamo Bay”

2005: Tim McKeon,
“Guac Like an Egyptian”

2004: Christine Landry,
“Bacon Guacamole”

2003: Adam Pava,
“Guac Bless America”

Best Tasting Traditional Guac:

2021*: Kara Oropallo,
“Guacing From Home: Perception vs Reality”
(*virtual year, no taste category, Best Title instead)

2020: Michael Zimmer,
“Chicavocado Guac”

2019: Levy/Friedman family, executive chef Rhonie Friedman,
“State of Guac”

2018: Josh Lee, Leithan Lee & Allison Meredith,
“Ya Basic”

2017: Justin Byrne & Liz Nico,
“Traditional Guac in a Bowl That Kind of Looks Like An Avocado”

2016: Josh & Leithen Lee,
“Bloody Good Guac”

2015: Alie & Rowan Lee,
“Alie is Awesome Guac”

2014: Mark Heyman & Diana Fithian,
“Take a Guac On The Wild Side”

2013: Steve Tavernia,
“Guacin’ On The Sun”

2012: Dave Allen & Lauren Edson,

2011: Alie & Leithen Lee,
Untitled traditional guac

2010: Julie Halton,
“Thug Life” (aka TuGuac Shakur)

2009: Christine Landry,
“Guac, Paper, Scissors”

2008: Martina Papinchak & Nathaniel Bozen,
“Guac ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots”

2007: Shahan Sonassian,

2006: Lisa Gibson & Jason VanBorssum,
“Guac Cousteau”

2005: Tie: Sara Kate Levy & Dave Friedman,
“Mortar and Pestle”;
Audrey Diehl, “Untitled”

2004: Shahan Sonassian,

2003: Shahan Sonassian,

Best Tasting Alternative Guac:

2021: Maurissa Horwitz and Travis Mutchler,
“The Queen’s Guacit”

2020: Jordan Boeder & Amanda Lindemann,
“There Will Be Guac”

2019: Maggie Flynn & Ian Nyeste,

2018: Michael Zimmer & Teira Gunlock,
“Deep Fried Choco-mole Bites”

2017: Michael Zimmer & Teira Gunlock,

2016: Michael Zimmer,

2015: Maggie Flynn & Ian Nyeste,
“Guacamole Jam”

2014: Christine Landry & Robert Bernal,
“The Guacing Pot”

2013: Matt & Maurissa O’Connell,
“Tater Guacs”

2012: Christine Landry & Robert Bernal,
“Guac Corn”

2011: Blake Lemons,
“7% GBV (Guac By Volume) Beer”

2010: Tim McKeon,
“The Guacapellas”

2009: Craig Anderson,
“Fried Guac With Habanero Aioli”

2008: Ian Nyeste & Maggie Flynn,
“Fried Guacamole Raviolé”

2007: Steve Shoffner & Lara Minassian,
“Guacolate Chip Ice Cream”

2006: Christine Landry,
“Tequila Guacingbird”

2005: Tim McKeon,
“Chocolate Guac”

2004: Christine Landry,
“Bacon Guacamole”

2003: Aimee Dow & Adam Chase,
“Mint Guacamole”

The Icarus Award:

2021: Matt Waynee,
“DJ Guac: My Guac InTox”

2020: Maurissa Horwitz,
“Guac Pops”

2019: Tim & Danielle McKeon,
“Wicked Guac-some”

2018: Brandon Oropallo,
“Guactor Pepper”

2017: Alex Woo, Whitney Friedlander & Baby Hudson,
“Sean Spicy & Quesoanne Conway’s Alternative Guac”

2016: “Brandon Oropallo,
Guacbuster Video”

2015: Andy Bean,

2014: Jordan Boeder & Amanda Lindemann,
“The Wolf of Guac Street”

2013: Adam Pava,
“Bubble Guac Gumballs”

2012: Adam Pava,
“The Guacquarium”

2011: Angela Park,

2010: Greg & Michelle Steele,

2009: Michael Zimmer,

2008: Adam Pava,
“Guacweiler Beach”

2007: Shahan Sonassian,

2006: Brandon Oropallo,
“Guac-king Stuffers”

*If anyone remembers winners from previous years, please let me know! (My memory is hazy of the early years, before cameras were invented.)