Parking: good luck, chumps.


But seriously. Parking is going to suck. So here are some tips:

  • Carpool if you can!
  • If you have a large guac entry, feel free to pull into the driveway and drop it off, then park after. It will keep you from having to schlep your stuff up the hill.
  • Wear shoes suitable for walking.
  • A special hint for those who have read this far: you’ll probably have better luck parking AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS. Our street is divided by a public stairway; the bottom half is Redesdale Ave., and the top half is Landa St. Our house is right at the bottom of the stairs… which means most people will hit the dead end and try to find parking down there. If you take the last left before our block (Windsor Ave.) then a right on Castle St., there will probably be more parking up there on Castle and Landa, and you can simply walk down the stairs to our place! (It sounds confusing, but Google Map our address, zoom in, and it will all become clear.)
  • See you tomorrow!