Greetings, Guac Bowl newcomers! (And boring old regular turds.)

Today, we are totally psyched and honored to be Entertainment Weekly’s Site of the Day on their PopWatch blog! Because of all the new traffic, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know exactly what Guac Bowl is:

It’s a guacamole contest.

There you go! You can click on the avocado above to get a more detailed history. Or, if you’ve only got a minute, you should probably just check out all the crazy awesome pictures, using the links on the left. Start with Best Presentation, then The Icarus Award, for the most visually-interesting ones. (Or, obviously, Best Tasting for the most gustatorily-interesting ones, though that’s hard to convey through photography.)

My only goal in life is to turn Guac Bowl into a national holiday. I will not rest until every town in America hosts their own Guac Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. You should host one yourself. Seriously. It’s really easy. Here’s how:

Invite your friends over, telling them each to bring their best guacamole. But not just for how it tastes (though that doesn’t hurt). There are multiple categories they can enter:

  • Best Tasting Traditional Guac – that’s the goo you’re used to; no crazy ingredients.
  • Best Tasting Alternative Guac – some unusual ingredient added, or a different way of preparing it. Like chocolate guac, or guac ice cream.
  • Best Presentation of Guac – this has arguably become the most interesting category, with dioramas, three-dimensional sculptures, etc. Usually (and this is important) it is accompanied by a clever/terrible pun title.
  • The Icarus Award — named for the tragic Greek character who attempted to reach the sun, only to have his wax wings melt and fall back down to Greece, everyone laughing at him in Greek accents. So this award goes to the guac that tries the hardest, only to fail the worst.

Sounds fun, right? Here, I even made a ballot box for you to print out. All you have to do is cut it up, and clean your apartment (don’t forget the bathroom; people judge)… and you’re ready to host a Guac Bowl!

If you do host one, make sure to report back here with pictures and stories. I’ll post them for all the world to see.

Guac on!