The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown!

I contacted the California Avocado Commission to alert them to Guac Bowl, because, naturally, it’s the finest avocado-based party in the land and they should know about it. Their marketing assistant, Zachary Benedict (whose name would better fit the California Egg Commission) just sent me the following response:

Hi Adam,

Thank you for contacting us and for your support of Hass Avocados.

We have developed a Big Game Sweepstakes to round up stories like yours from consumers everywhere. A micro site dedicated to gathering these stories is now available for use: and offers prizes for the most impressive avocado Big Game celebrations.

I believe the best fit for your celebration would be to participate in the Big Game Sweepstakes.


Well, that sounds like a challenge if I ever heard one! So I went to the website and saw that they’re asking for videos of these so-called “impressive avocado Big Game celebrations,” and the best one wins a big screen TV.

It. Is. On.

First of all, who else is entering this contest? Are there hundreds of avocado-based parties that I’m unaware of? I don’t see any entries on the website yet, so I have a feeling our chances are pretty decent.

Last year, Shahan took video with his digital camera, and I plan on doing the same this year. I’ll be interviewing you all about your Guac Bowl entries for the video, so be prepared to discuss your creations for a sentence or two. Your inspirations, your aspirations, that sort of bullcrap. With your help, we’ll have an even bigger Plasma TV to watch the Super Bowl on next year!